Kate Bush Covered is a compilation album of cover versions of Kate Bush songs, as performed by fans and professional musicians. The album came together in the first half of 1997 when Kate Bush fan Marcel Rijs used the Kate Bush mailing list Love-Hounds (also known as the newsgroup rec.music.gaffa) to get recordings from fans all over the world.

Contributions were sent in on tape, CD and DAT from Australia, Canada, Sweden, UK and USA. The album was released on 1 August 1997.

Track listing

  1. Reaching Out (Chris Spillios)
  2. Cloudbusting (Two Librarians On The First Floor)
  3. Under The Ivy (Philip Caldwell)
  4. Moving (Alan Tignanelli)
  5. Oh England My Lionheart (John Anthony James)
  6. Mother Stands For Comfort (Murder Of Crows)
  7. And Dream Of Sheep (Violet)
  8. Under Ice (Violet)
  9. Waking The Witch (Violet)
  10. The Morning Fog (Particle Salad)
  11. The Kick Inside (Thomas Eklund)
  12. The Sensual World (Mark Ozdoba)
  13. Running Up That Hill (Lochinvar)
  14. Mother Stands For Comfort (Brian Seabolt)
  15. Ran Tan Waltz (Brian Wright)
  16. Suspended In Gaffa (Rhythm & Dreaming)
  17. L’Amour Looks Something Like You (Shelley Doty)
  18. Wuthering Heights (Chuck White)
  19. Delius (Heavy Pet)
  20. Sat In Your Lap (Violet)


The album was released in a limited edition of just 100 CD’s and could be ordered via the mailing list and newsgroup in the summer of 1997. All the contributors received a version on tape, but these were not available commercially.