Pop-up museum devoted to Kate Bush, created by Luna van der Horst (who was 15 years old at the time) in Zaandam (Netherlands) in December 2016. The museum started as a project for school. Luna decided she wanted to make something that didn’t feel like work.

The museum was officially opened on December 2, after which it was open to visitors for free on December 3, 4, 10 and 11. Besides official memorabilia, records and magazines, the museum showed art created by Dutch artists Bregtje Zitman-Deelen (portrait). Buket Albayrak (engraving art), Edgar van der Woude (couture), Esther Hans (painting), Eveline Heijkamp (beamer art), Gea Zwart (painting), Gerben Valkema & Eric Hercules (cartoon), Joost Pielkenrood & Katrine van Klaveren (installation), Lousanne Schuuring (glass art), Marja Eshuijs (bags), Martijn Couwenhoven (drawing), Michel Teunen (PU-foam), Panda Gielen (digital art), Stefana Caramanica (photography), Willem Moeselaar (graphics) and famed Dutch artist Rob Scholte with a special creation.