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DJ duo consisting of Carl Kennedy and Steven Lee. In 2016 they made a name for themselves with the track Everytime It Rains, which was a remix of Cloudbusting. Kate Bush did not approve of this remix and using her vocals, so it remained unreleased despite enthusiastic response from radio DJ’s like Pete Tong and audiences. Instead, they re-recorded the track with a soundalike vocalist, and released it as ‘Cloudbusting’ in 2017.

In 2018 they released two further singles: ‘Closure’ (with Wolves By Night) and ‘I Feel Good Love’ (featuring Daniel Caplin).

Both have spent the last 7 years traveling the globe touring the biggest and most notorious clubs, cites, and countries, but they are based in the New York City (USA). Both have critical acclaims with their remixes with over 100+ combined in their names.


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