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The J Davis Trio actually started as a trio with Julio Davis on vocals, Dave Smith on bass and Tone Aimone on drums. They realized that in order to play live, they needed another element. Paula Pergl came and provided flute for awhile. When she left, she was soon replaced by long time member, mulit-instrumentalist, Dave Winer. The J.Davis Trio arrived on the Chicago scene with their self-titled debut album in 1999, quickly followed by a North American tour. Also in 1999, they contributed a cover of There Goes A Tenner to the fan-made compilation I Wanna Be Kate.

Their next album ‘The New No. 2’ (2002) saw them working with many great Chicago artists. Rappers like Cap D from All Natural and Juice made an appearance, as well as musicians like Jeff Parker from Tortoise and Paul Mertens of The Brian Wilson Group. Their third album ‘These Things Happen’ followed in 2007, and ‘Vintage’ in 2011.


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