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In May 1994, a small group of German fans traveled to London to attend the Kate Bush Convention at the Hippodrome. After this they returned home with the idea of starting a German-speaking fanclub. The name: Irgendwo In Der Tiefe, a phrase taken from the song Hello Earth.

The fanclub’s medium was a fanzine of the same name. Six issues were published between 1995 and 1998. They appeared during a quiet time for Kate Bush, inbetween the albums The Red Shoes and Aerial. Nevertheless, the fanzine contained articles about Kate’s work, the joy she brings with it and how she inspires people to find expression for themselves in music, dance, painting, literature or even in a passion for collecting.

The fanclub and the fanzine folded, but one of the former editors Beate Meiswinkel still writes articles for the German Kate Bush website