Infant Kiss (the)

Still from the fan-made music video of 'The Infant Kiss'

Still from the fan-made music video of 'The Infant Kiss'

Song written by Kate Bush. It was inspired by the gothic horror movie The Innocents, which in turn was inspired by Henry James' novel 'The Turn Of The Screw'. The story is about a governess who believes the ghost of her predecessor's dead lover is trying to possess the bodies of the children she is looking after. The song was released on the album Never For Ever.


There are two versions of this song: the original album version and a French version, entitled Un Baiser d'Enfant, released two years later.

Music video

American Kate Bush fan Chris WIlliams made a video for 'The Infant Kiss' using scenes from the movie 'The Innocents'. According to Kate, who contacted him after she saw the video, he'd chosen the exact scenes that were in her head upon writing the song.


Viol: Adam Sceaping
Lironi: Jo Sceaping
Electric guitar: Alan Murphy
String arrangement: Jo & Adam Sceaping

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