Born on March 28, 1958, Gary Hurst was an actor and dancer who worked with Kate in both videos and live appearances. He started dancing in 1975, and won a scholarship to Holland where he studied in Rotterdam, then went on to tour with a troupe called Moving Being before continuing his studies in Sweden and France. Brought into the 1979 Tour Of Life by choreographer Anthony Van Laast, Hurst became a close friend and intimate of Kate and her regular dance partner alongside Stewart Avon-Arnold, with whom he later founded the Dance Theatre Of London.

Hurst contributed backing vocals on the songs Babooshka and All We Ever Look For and can be seen on the videos Live at the Hammersmith Odeon and the Kate Christmas Special. Together with Kate and Douglas McNicol, he also did TV appearances promoting the 1982 single The Dreaming, both in the UK and abroad.

He died in 1990 of complications related to AIDS in Westminster, London, England. He is mentioned by his nickname Bubba in the song Moments Of Pleasure.