Dancer who appeared with Kate Bush in the music video for Running Up That Hill. He was auditioned for the part, and given just one day to rehearse with Kate. When the music video was filmed, he was actually fined by his union for doing both this job and appearing in a West End play at the same time.

After this appearance, Michael starred in the musical Aspects of Love from 1989 onwards. During the show’s run, he took on the name Misha (and was credited as such in the second printing of the musical’s programme) and actually underwent gender reassignment surgery.

As Misha she appeared in the burlesque cabaret showbar Funny Girls on the North Shore of Blackpool. According to some reports she moved to Jersey after a lottery win and now works as a taxi driver over there.

Misha Hervieu about Kate Bush

The issue was, Kate is quite petite, and I’m quite tall, at five-foot 10. But we discovered the height difference allowed Kate to wrap around my body, like a snake. And I could lift her really high. (…) She keeps her private life very private, which I respected, but she allowed me in for the video.

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