Heidi Harris is a self-taught musician and vocalist exploring the genre of ‘New Weird America’. Her creative practice is based on an exploration and intermingling of traditional and non-traditional sound sources.

Repertoire of instruments include piano, clarinet, harmonica, guitar, cigar box guitar, synthesizer, theremin, and various sound makers. She contributed many of these sounds as well as songwriting as a former member of the chamber folk trio Cutleri, later in Knife Thrower’s Assistance, an eclectic musical collective based in NYC and continues to collaborate in her band: Heidi and the 9 Feathers. But Heidi’s first “instrument” was her own voice. From a young age she performed lead roles in operettas and musicals, and although stylistically she has moved on to more avant-garde territories, the quality and range of her voice still hinges on her theatrical roots.

Heidi attended the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, focusing on the process of recording and producing, and went on to record several self-released albums in her home studio, Suki Sound.

In February 2012, Heidi Harris released the album ‘All Fall Down’, featuring a cover version of Watching You Without Me. The track also appears on ‘Further Adieu – A Retrospective’, a compilation album from February 2018.