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Born in Cairo (Egypt), Guido Harari started the dual profession of photographer and music journalist in his early twenties, helping to lay the foundations of unparalleled specialist work in Italy and collaborating with magazines such as Ciao 2001, Giovani, Gong and Rockstar.

Since the nineties, his range of activities also includes advertising, institutional portrait, social media reportage, and graphic design. He has worked with leading Italian and international music artists such as Claudio Baglioni, Andrea Bocelli, Angelo Branduardi, Vinicio Capossela, Paolo Conte, David Crosby, Pino Daniele, Bob Dylan, BB King, Ute Lemper, Ligabue, Mia Martini, Antonella Ruggiero, Paul McCartney, Gianna Nannini, Michael Nyman, Luciano Pavarotti, PFM, Lou Reed, Vasco Rossi, Simple Minds and Frank Zappa.

He also worked with Kate Bush, photographing ‘behind the scenes’ while she was working on the film The Line, The Cross & The Curve among other things.

In 2011 he founded the Wall Of Sound Gallery in Alba, where he lives. It’s the first photo gallery in Italy entirely dedicated to music.


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