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Louise Halliday from Bridgend’s first memory is hearing The Kick Inside at age three. At nine, she made her stage debut in a production of ‘Annie’. After studying performing arts she applied to drama colleges in London who specialised in musical theatre training. After being unable to find funding she applied for singing jobs. Her first job was performing Wuthering Heights on a ship. She went on to perform her own shows at local venues in South Wales, including ‘Wuthering Heights’ in her set. On the insistence of a friend she applied for Stars In Their Eyes and was accepted.

She performed Babooshka during the show and won the episode broadcast on 28 October 2000. At the grand final on 2 December 2000 she made fourth place. After her performance in the final, she got the original cloak Kate had worn in the music video for Babooshka with a handwritten note by Kate Bush herself: ‘Dear Louise, I have seen your performance and I thought you were wonderful. Please accept this gift of the cloak I wore in the original Babooshka video with my love and best wishes – I hope it brings you luck. Have a great time tonight.’

Louise went on to perform with her own band Halliday in 2001, and appeared in various music productions in the years after that.


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