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The Greeting Stars Xmas card went on sale in the United Kingdom in December 1995. The project, started by Brian Eno, benefited War Child. For every pack of Christmas cards (at a price of £5,99), £2 went to this charity.

There were 12 Christmas cards, measuring 5 inches square – one each from The Boo Radleys, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Brian Eno, Siobhan Fahey & Dave Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack, Oasis, Iggy Pop, Pulp, Radiohead, and The Stone Roses.

Kate’s card featured the circular Red Shoes image of a dancer’s two crossed feet but with ice skating blades on the ballet shoes and the supporting foot resting on a snow covered chimney with glacial scenery in the background. Inside was the single word Peace.


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