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The book Give Me One Wish, written by Jacquie Gordon was published in 1988. It is the story of Christine Gordon and her mother Jacquie, who try to make sense of life, and their relationship, in the face of a deadly disease. Jacquie cannot cure her daughter Christine’s cystic fibrosis, but she can teach her to follow life’s gifts wherever they lead so that she grows up eager to discover the world and her place in it.

The title, Give Me One Wish was taken from the lyrics of Kate’s Oh England My Lionheart. In an interview, aired on 10 May 1988 on the Fox network in the USA, Jacquie explained that Kate was Christine’s heroine. Her fondness for Kate’s music was instrumental in keeping her alive as long as possible.


Book cover of 'Give Me One Wish'.
Book cover of ‘Give Me One Wish’.