Table of Contents

Gaffaweb is the name of a website dedicated to Kate Bush, originally hosted on, later moving to the domain Gaffaweb was intended as a source of information and entertainment for the devoted fan and the curious newcomer alike. The website started in 1996 and developed roughtly until the turn of the century. Although no further updates have been done for a long time, the website remains online today.

Several other Kate Bush websites were incorporated into Gaffaweb. Hence, the website is divided into different “chapters”:

  • Introduction (written by Emmy May Lombaerts)
  • FAQ (compiled by Ulrich Grepel)
  • Cloudbusting: Kate Bush in her own words (compiled by Ron Holl)
  • Phoenix: The Early Kate Bush (compiled by Wieland Wilker)
  • Dreaming: selections from the love-hounds mailing list (compiled by Wieland Wilker)
  • Moments: all about The Red Shoes, Fruitopia, and more (compiled by Wieland Wilker)
  • The Garden: writings by Kate Bush and her brothers (compiled by Andrew Marvick)
  • Passing Through Air: Videography (compiled by Peter Fitzgerald-Morris and Andrew Marvick)
  • Reaching Out: Interviews, Articles and Reviews (compiled by Andrew Marvick, Ron Hill, Wieland Willker and Vickie Mapes)
  • Them Heavy People: A lexicon of heavy people, places, and things associated with Kate Bush (compiled by Richard Bensam)
  • The Sensual World: Lyrics (compiled by Andrew Marvick, Wieland Willker, Chris Williams and Vickie Mapes)
  • This Woman’s Work: discography (compiled by Ulrich Grepel and Ellen van Neck)
  • Wow: gallery of images (compiled by Vickie Mapes)

Although Gaffaweb is not updated anymore, it remains a vast knowledge base and a must-visit for Kate Bush fans.