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‘Flower Of The Mountain’ is a song written by Kate Bush with text from James Joyce’s Ulysses, used by kind permission of the Trustrees of James Joyce Estate. Originally released on Kate’s 2011 album Director’s Cut.

Kate originally asked for permission in the Eighties, when she’d made this song. The Joyce estate refused to release the words. She spent over a year trying to gain permission before accepting defeat. She kept the backing track but ‘re-approached the words’ for a track that would become The Sensual World, released in 1989. 

On the 2011 album Director’s Cut Kate wanted to include the original version of the song, and so she approached the James Joyce Estate again, and this time, they gave permission.


Drums: Steve Gadd
Bass: Del Palmer
Keyboards: Kate
Pipes, whistles: Davey Spillane
Fiddles: John Sheahan
Canes: Paddy Bush