Record label run by Kate Bush since 2011. For a long time, it was unknown why exactly Kate chose this name, but in February 2023 this explanation was published on her official website:

Fish People were a civilisation which became lost around 900 BC. Little is known about them other than they walked out from the seas onto the land one day when no-one was looking. It is believed that they were centuries ahead of their time. Their culture was not defined by wealth or social status and they abolished all violence as they believed in the harmony of nature and the equality of all oceans.

Their mystical language was thought to originate from The Tethys Trench. They could speak simultaneously to all aquatic creatures and to most of the humans in the Western Hemisphere. There were certain frequencies in their language that could only be understood by small crustaceans and very young children.

The full meaning of where their distinctive letterforms came from, has been lost. Many believe that these originated from the complex migrational paths of birds and a cellular-level understanding of the underwater mammals that had moved around them.

Fish People were said to have walked back into the seas one night when everyone was having dinner and it was foretold that they would again return to land when their teachings would be needed to heal a wounded world.

The label’s first release was Director’s Cut (FPCD001 and FPLP001 in the UK), quickly followed by re-releases of The Dreaming (FPCD002), Hounds Of Love (FPCD003), The Sensual World (FPCD004), The Red Shoes (FPCD005) and Aerial (FPCD006). Later in 2011, Fish People released 50 Words For Snow (FPCD007 and FPLP007).

In 2012, Fish People released a 10″ vinyl picture disc of Lake Tahoe for Record Store Day. The next year, a 10″ vinyl picture disc of Running Up That Hill 2012 Remix was released.

In 2016, Fish People released the live album Before The Dawn. In 2018, the box sets called Remastered followed.

In February 2023, it was announced that the Fish People releases would be distributed by The State51 Conspiracy from 1 March 2023 onwards.

Kate Bush about Fish People

Why not? I thought it was a bit of fun. What’s great is the reaction from some people. When I first suggested it I think a lot of people weren’t sure if I was being serious, which I think is exactly the sort of reaction you want, really, isn’t it? (…) I just thought it was a bit of fun, rather than a very lofty or serious name. (Interview with Ken Bruce, BBC Radio 2, 9 May 2011)