Book written by Michael Byrne and Marius Herbert, featuring an illustrated journey through five decades of the music of Kate Bush. The book sets out to visually and textually explore her eclectic and often experimental musical style and unconventional lyrics. Songs have been illustrated across two page spreads, incorporating Michael’s written pieces about each song’s significance in Kate’s career and what they mean to him.

Critical reception

Kate Bush News wrote: “This large LP-sized book is intended to be a visual feast and Marius has produced some breathtaking images filled with detail and touches that were agonised over for months between the pair”. Lou Reviews added: “Finding Kate is kind to its subject; referential, appreciative. Its images imagine both performer and performance in a unique way which can be appreciated alongside the music – I listened to a track or two as I read – or enjoyed in their own right.”

'Finding Kate' - book cover
‘Finding Kate’ – book cover