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Born on 22 November 1980, Emma Ejwertz is a Swedish singer/songwriter who grew up in southwest Sweden. She moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue a career in music. She met Scott Weiland and Douglas Grean. She performed for them at their recording studio in Burbank and they recorded a demo with her after being impressed with her voice and guitar playing. Scott sang backup on a number of songs, including a cover of ‘Heart Shaped Box’. Afterwards she began to look around for a new producer. Emma was introduced to Steve Gryphon in 2004 through an A&R representative. They completed work on a new demo with a more pop direction in December 2004, but Emma returned to Sweden when a Swedish version of one of her demo tracks allowed her to be awarded a scholarship in Sweden.

She returned to the USA in 2005 and started the band Nervosa. Two years later the band folded and Emma focused on a solo career once more. She reunited with producer Steve Gryphon to record her first independent release, ‘Dizzy Arms’. The album included one song she had originally written for Nerviosa, ‘Pavement’. In 2012 Emma released her second record ‘Tondra’.

Meanwhile, in 2010 the twelfth episode of the sixth season of the TV series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia featured Emma’s version of This Woman’s Work.