Lighting director for the Tour Of Life. On 2 April 1979, after a show at the Poole Arts Centre in Dorset, the equipment had been loaded for the journey to the next date, and Bill Duffield was having a last look around the stage area to make sure nothing had been left behind. Someone had left an open panel inhe flooring. As Bill crossed the stage he tripped and fell 17 feet onto a concrete floor under the stage. He was rushed to the hospital but tragically died a week later. 

It was just prior to the official start of the Tour Of Life. A decision had to be made whether or not the tour would continue. The general consensus was that Bill would have wanted the show to go on. Less than a month later, on 12 May 1979, in the midst of the final days of the tour, Kate performed a memorial concert for Bill Duffield at the Hammersmith Odeon. Also appearing were special guests Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley, who had each worked with Duffield in the past.

Kate dedicated the song Blow Away (For Bill) to him. He is also named in the song Moments Of Pleasure