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Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show were an American rock band, formed in Union City, New Jersey. They enjoyed considerable commercial success in the 1970’s with hit singles including ‘Sylvia’s Mother’, ‘The Cover of ‘Rolling Stone” (both 1972), ‘A Little Bit More’ (1976), ‘Sharing the Night Together’ (1978), and ‘When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman’ (1979).

Their music spanned several genres, mostly novelty songs and acoustic ballads in their early years; their greatest success came with their later material, mostly consisting of disco-influenced soft rock, which the band recorded under the shortened name Dr. Hook. The band struggled to continue their success in the 1980’s and finally disbanded in 1985.

On 20 March 1980, the group hosted a TV special with Kate Bush appearing as a guest. Aside from a short interview (of sorts) with the band, Kate performed the songĀ Babooshka and showed the video for the song Delius.