English color healing therapist, born 1906 in East London. She worked as an accountant until her retirement at the age of 65, when she embarked upon a full-time healing career. Together with Joseph Leech she established the Maitreya School of Healing in 1974. Lily has investigated many different aspects of healing but her primary area of interest was in direct, color healing-using her mind and her heart and her own hands directly with people.

In the 1990s she became friends with Kate Bush, who eventually wrote a song inspired by her, Lily. Bush had Cornford recite a mantra for the song. She appeared in the movie The Line, the Cross and the Curve.

She died in 2003.

Kate about Lily Cornford

I met her years ago and she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She is very giving and I love spending time with her. She believes in the powers of Angels and taught me to see them in a different light, that they exist to help human beings and are very powerful as well as benevolent forces. She taught me some prayers that I found very useful (particularly in my line of work), she helped me a lot and I guess I wanted to pass on her message about our Angels – we all have them, we only have to ask for help.

Kate Bush Club magazine, 1993