Clare is an award winning composer and violinist. Known for her stunning arrangements of the German techno band Kraftwerk her music is used on film and in the media worldwide. Her track East from the album Luminitza has been used by Faberge and the Swedish Arts program as a signature tune, her acclaimed version of The Model became the signature tune of Arte, the Franco-German chanel.

Clare has always enjoyed collaborating with other artists. She has played as lead violin with Michael Nyman and the Nyman Band and also with the Gavin Bryars Ensemble. She has collaborated with musicians in many fields including David Byrne, Spiritualised, Dagmar Kraus, Keith Tippet and the Sonic Catering Band.

For almost ten years Clare played with the internationally acclaimed Balanescu String Quartet. She became writer and producer, bringing out six recordings during her time with them. The group became known for their groundbreaking concerts throughout the world – in Europe, Japan, the USA and Australia. Their album ‘Luminintza’ redefined what was possible in the quartet medium. Together with the Balanescu String Quartet, Connors appeared on Kate’s track Reaching Out.

Clare has also been working as a solo artist, performing unaccompanied Bach alongside her own improvisations and her Transparencies for solo violin. She has been a pioneer for the development of music in her community exploring new venues and writing the inspirational work ‘Circus Dreaming’ for a circus performance with the Gandinis and Scarabeus.