Mazi Cohen was born in Jerusalem (Israel) on 29 April 1959. She served in the army in the Central Command band, and even then she stood out for her singing ability. She was discharged from the army in 1978 and was quickly cast as the singer for the band ‘Gazuz’. After two years the band dissolved, and she became a member of the band ‘The Child Is Me’, which released one album.

In 1986 Cohen joined the rock opera ‘Mami’ as the lead singer and actress. The opera, written by Hillel Mittelpunkt, Ehud Banai and Yossi Mar Haim and Hoffka, and a musical fact by Shefi Yishai and Yossi Elefant, took the stage in Tzavta and dealt with current political issues such as Israel’s presence in the occupied territories, the discrimination of the residents of the south and Israeli militarism. The rock opera also appeared as a double LP in 1987, which made Cohen a star.

She went on to release her first self-titled solo album in 1988. Among original material the album also featured a Hebrew version of Kate Bush’s Army Dreamers, entitled Shem ba’even (שם באבן).

In 1990 she joined a performance of Yoni Rechter’s songs called ‘The Essential is Romance’ together with Rechter, Gidi Gov, Haim Tzinovitz and Yuval Zamir. The show was recorded and released on CD. In 1992, Cohen released her second album, ‘Transitions’, under the musical production of Jaroslav Jakubowicz.

In 1998, Cohen co-directed Danny Sanderson, Gidi Gov, Ephraim Shamir and Alon Olearchick for a performance of the best hits of Kaveret, Grzuz and Dudu Asher, who ran successfully throughout the country. Then in 2005 Cohen began performing jazz in English.

Cohen was married to Eitan Whistler, who was also her producer. She is now the partner of Yoshi Sadeh, a member of the Tyslam group. The two live in Jaffa.