On 22 December 1979, the BBC broadcast the Christmas Snowtime Special, which was probably a compilation (for export) of four TV specials made earlier in the year, including the Abba Easter Special and a programme called Disco in the Snow, featuring Boney M and guests.

Kate Bush appeared in this special with a hastily recorded version of December Will Be Magic Again, in a version that has become known as the ‘Bongo Version’. Originally she had filmed a version of Wuthering Heights standing barefoot in the snow on the Swiss Alps, but this footage was never used.

The programme consists of the following songs:-

  1. Chiquitita (Abba)
  2. Mary’s Boy Child (Boney M)
  3. When I Need You (Leo Sayer)
  4. Destiny (The Jacksons)
  5. It’s A Heartache (Bonnie Tyler)
  6. December Will Be Magic Again (Kate Bush)
  7. I Wonder (Departure) (Wolfgang Danne and Jillian Denise Biellmann skating to this Abba song)