Songwriter and vocalist Charllotte was born in the German town of Jever and grew up in several places in Germany and the UK. Thanks to her Swedish mother she also spent quite some time in Sweden. Aged nineteen she started singing in bands and soon would become fascinated by the German music-theater tradition of Brecht, Weil and Eisler.

Soon after she would discover Jazz and win a prize in the city of Trier as a promising talent. She moved to Cologne, where she jumped right into the vivid jazz-scene, played in music-theater productions and enjoyed working as a streetmusician. More and more she would be singing in jazzcombos and big-bands. She decided to build a professional career in music. She moved to Amsterdam where she studied at the Conservatory.

Charllotte has released three solo-albums: ‘A Wish In The Dark’ (2007), ‘Vingar’ (2010) and ‘Charllotte’ (2016). ‘Charllotte’ featured a cover version of The Man With The Child In His Eyes.

Together with the pianovirtuoso Kino Haitsma she performed in 2013 and 2014 as the piano-vocal duo Kinolotta.