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Belgian act Cartouche was created by Belgian producer Serge Ramaekers, who also worked on successful projects T-Spoon and 2 Boys. Its members were Jean-Paul Visser and Myrelle Tholen. The name was taken from the discotheque Cartouche in Wuustwezel (Belgium), where the duo performed regularly.

Cartouche’s first single ‘Feel The Groove’ (1990) was an instant hit. In France it peaked at number 13. An album entitled ‘House Music All Night Long’ followed. It was co-produced by Wim Tops and Peter Revalk, released in Canada and the USA before Germany. Four singles were taken from the album. In 1993, the single ‘Shame’ was released. A year later, the single ‘Touch The Sky’ followed. In 1996, Cartouche released two singles: ‘Miracles’ and ‘Feel The Rain’. Their last release, in 1997, was a cover version of Running Up That Hill. After this, the project stopped.

Jean-Paul Visser is living in the Netherlands. Myrelle Tholen runs a streetdance school in Essen (Belgium). She got married and the couple have two children. Myrelle does not sing anymore.


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