Bassist, designer and composer, mxing solo work, band projects as well as working and improvising with other musicians. Weaving together improvisation with a sparse, minimalist aesthetic, Boyd creates waves of sound, worlds of provocative unlived memories through a singular approach to the upright bass and electric bass guitar that makes everything near and far.

In 2006 he released the album ‘The Greatest Weight’. It was followed in 2009 by ‘Aerial Roots’. In 2012, Boyd released ‘West Coasting Vol. 1: Dreams Like This Must Die’.

In 2014, Boyd released ‘Precariat’. Together with Helena Espvall he contributed a cover version of Under Ice to the album Running Up That Hill: Kate Bush Covers For Reproductive Rights. He was also one of the driving forces behind this compilation, together with Molly McDermott from Kurva Choir and Deana Lower.

Though solo performance takes up the bulk of his time and effort, he occasionally tours with the improvised chamber orchestra Kurva Choir and has also released music with Chris Schlarb, Eliot Lipp, Move, and his electronic alias DJ Too Slow. All the while, he also runs a small label called Obsolete Media Objects, which has released such lovely folks as Balmorhea, Aisha Burns, Dilute, and Nelly Kate.