Situated in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the Big City Orchestre formed in 1979. Almost comedically prolific, BCO sailed through the cassette culture movement of the 1980’s & 1990’s with about 130 hour long releases on over 100 labels. Other work has included; four video collections, five 7” singles, one 8” single, a handful of compact discs, well over 40 CD-Rs and more than 300 compilation appearances.

One of their releases was ‘Our Life In The Bush Of Kate’, a cassette with 11 tracks: Wuthering Heights, All We Ever Look For, Oh England My Concrete Block, The Dreaming, Passing Through Air, Night Of The Swallow, Feel It, Army Dreamers, Waking The Witch, Experiment IV and Breathing.
Two further outtakes exist: Symphony In Blue and There Goes A Tenner.