‘Between A Man And A Woman’ is a song written by Kate Bush. It was originally released on her sixth studio album The Sensual World in 1989.

Cover versions

‘Between A Man And A Woman’ was covered by TM Collective.

Kate about ‘Between A Man And A Woman’

It’s about a relationship being a very finely balanced thing that can be easily thrown off by a third party. The whole thing really came from a line in ‘The Godfather’,during some family argument, when Marlon Brando says, “Don’t interfere, it’s between a man and a woman.” It’s exploring the idea of trying to keep a relationship together, how outside forces can break into it… Rubbish really, but I quite like the cello.

Len Brown, ‘In The Realm Of The Senses’. NME (UK), 7 October 1989

It is perhaps about how you actually have that choice sometimes, whether to interfere or not. You know, there’s this tendency to want to leap in and take over and control: “Oh, I know best!”; when I think a relationship is a very delicate balance: it’s very easily tipped, and then needs to be refound again.

Steve Sutherland, ‘The Language Of Love’. Melody Maker (UK), 21 October 1989

That was, let’s get a groove going at the piano, and a pretty straightforward Fairlight pattern. Then we got the drummer in, and I thought that maybe it was taking on a slightly Sixties feel – not that it is. So we got Alan [Murphy] in to play guitar – who unfortunately wasn’t credited – a printing error. He played some smashing guitar. Then I wanted to work with the cellist again, because I think the cello is such a beautiful instrument. I find it very male and female – not one or the other. He’s actually the only player that I’ve ever written out music for. They’re lucky if they get chord charts normally.
We were just playing around with a groove. We actually had a second verse that was similar to the first, and I thought it was really boring. I hated it, so it sat around for about six months. So I took it into a completely different section which worked much better. Just having that little bit on the front worked much better. Quite often I have to put things aside and think about them if they just haven’t worked. If you leave a little time, it’s surprising how often you can come back and turn it into something.

Tony Horkins, ‘What Katie Did Next’. International Musician, December 1989


With her hand in his hand
They were both happy again
You started taking sides
They started arguing
He said it was her fault
She said it wasn’t at all
But the truth lies somewhere in the middle

Where angels fear to tread
You go rushing in
Well, I had to tell you then
And now I’m telling you again

Stay out of this
You must not interfere
Don’t you see this is
Between a man and a woman?

Every day and night I pray
Pray that you will stay away forever
It’s so hard for love to stay together
With the modern Western pressures
I don’t want to say it
But I had to tell you then
And now I’m telling you again

Stay out of this
Oh, I know you mean to help me
And I know you’ve good intentions
But stay out of this
This isn’t your problem
Do not interfere
You are not needed here
Let the pendulum swing
Between a man and a woman
Don’t you see? You’re in the way
Between a man and a woman.

Every day and night I pray
Let the pendulum swing
Between a man and a woman
Between a man and a woman


Drums: Stuart Elliott
Bass: Del Palmer
Cello: Jonathan Williams
Celtic harp, backing vocals: Alan Stivell