Jaclyn Bell was born in 1987. As a student of Barrhead High School in Glasgow, Scotland (UK), she participated in a talent show, singing Wuthering Heights when she was fourteen years old. Two years later, she appeared in a kids edition of the TV show Stars In Their Eyes in 2003, performing Wuthering Heights again.

After her performance, she got a platinum disc of ‘Wuthering Heights’ with a handwritten note by Kate Bush herself: ‘Dear Jaclyn, I was just one year older than you when I wrote this song and to see you performing it so brilliantly makes me feel real honoured. Good luck tonight. Here is the platinum disc that was presented to mefor ‘Wuthering Heights’ and I hope you will accept this as a gift with my love and best wishes.’

She ended up in third place in the show’s competition. She commented: “It was just amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was so shocked when they gave me the platinum disc, I hadn’t expected anything and it was the best compliment to have her backing.”