Born on 30 November 1952, Brian Bath started playing the guitar at a young age. Together with Chris Pye he learns to play the guitar and they join the band Cobwebs & Strange, named after a John Entwistle song. Brian asks Del Palmer to join the band on bass. After the band splits, Brian meets Vic King and they form TAME together with Del Palmer. The band tours across the UK, including a lengthy residency at the then famous Shakespeare Hotel in the centre of Woolwich. 

The three continued to play both with and without one another, until in 1977 they got together with a young Kate Bush, performing as the KT Bush Band in the summer of 1977. This was to be the start of a fruitful collaboration for Brian, who appears on her songs Wow, Babooshka, Blow Away, All We Ever Look For, The Wedding List, Violin, Army Dreamers, Breathing, Pull Out The Pin and Hello Earth and also joins her on stage during the Tour Of Life.

In 2016, Brian reformed the KT Bush band with Vic King and two new members: Steve Bevan on drums and Jodie May on vocals.