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Ataraxia is an Italian neoclassical dark wave band who combine modern technology with archaic instrumentation over various media, founded by Francesca Nicoli and Michele Urbano in November 1985. In the first five years there were many musicians in the band, until finally Francesca Nicoli, Vittorio Vandelli, and Giovanni Pagliari became the basic line-up until today.

They say they have dedicated their lives to art, to explore the nobleness of centuries in many possible ways (music, poetry, theatre, and photography). Between 1990 and 2000 they released an average of one album per year, between 2000 and now the average slowed down to one album every two years. In 1995 they released the album ‘Il fantasma dell’opera’, which featured ‘La Nuova Margherita’, an Italian version of Wuthering Heights.