Gabrielle Angelique was born in Bird Island, Minnesota. When she was 2 years old her family moved to the Twin Cities metro area, and when she was 5 she began taking harp lessons. By the age of 8 she had began taking piano lessons and writing her own songs. Gabrielle also loved to sing. At a young age she would be asked to sing by relatives, friends, and even her girl scout troop. At the age of 15 she began performing at weddings, coffeehouses, art exhibitions, and churches.

Her passion for music convinced her parents to enroll her into the Rudy & Lola Perpeich Center for Arts Education (MCAE). In her first year attending MCAE as a junior, Gabrielle recorded her first vocal album ‘Echo’ and it caught the interest of Graham Way, a record producer from Vancouver, BC, and Jan Cooper, a vocal trainer. They invited her to Vancouver for one month for intense vocal training and when they felt she was ready they asked her to redo ‘Ancient Souls’, a song which was previously recorded by another vocalist.

After Gabrielle recieved her high school diploma she enrolled in the recording engineer program at the Hennepin County Technical College so that she could learn how to record her own music and communicate with future musical engineers. At the same time she began taking vocal training from Vicky Mountain, a respected Jazz singer, at the McPhail Center for the Arts in downtown Minneapolis. Also, periodically, she took improv classes at the Brave New Workshop to help hone her stage skills.

While still in college Gabrielle teamed up with engineer/producer Andy Sybilrud in early 2001 and together they co-wrote ‘Keep It Alive’. Gabrielle wrote the lyrics and lyrical melody while Andy wrote the musical background, orchestration and produced the song. By the end of 2002 ‘Keep It Alive’ had recieved 1 million free downloads off the music sharing website

By the end of 2001, Gabrielle had recorded a solo harp called ‘Light’ which mainly featured original songs written by the artist and was intended for relaxation purposes. After the albums release Gabrielle donated time at United Children’s Hospital of St.Paul playing songs from ‘Light’ to help create a calm, soothing enviroment. It was while doing this service Gabrielle began to realize the true healing properties of her harp.

Her follow-up album ‘Celtic Twilight’ is a blend of ancient Scottish/Irish songs in which Gabrielle intermixed four of her own songs, ‘Celtic Twilight’, ‘Dance with the Stars’, ‘Moon Dolphins’, and ‘Truely’. The album debuted in mid-2003.

After this, Gabrielle started travelling the United States with her husband selling her CD’s at arts and craft shows. The album ‘Dance with the stars’ was released in 2006 and featured a cover version of Wuthering Heights. It was followed in 2008 by ‘The Little Albums’, a collection of new age modern folk music.