Book, written by Deborah M. Withers and published by HammerOn Press on 15 March 2010. According to the publisher, the book makes theory accessible to new audiences. Through analysis of the music, film, video and dance of Kate Bush, it breaks down boundaries between the academic and popular, showing that theory can be sordid, funny and relevant.

Critical reception

Sian Norris wrote on the website The F Word: “Withers uses Bush’s music and the character of the BFS to explore the natures of femininity and the construction of the feminine, tackling complex theories in an eminently readable and user-friendly manner.” Natalie Ballard wrote on the website Elevate Difference: “It isn’t poorly written, but it does appear to reach too far in its quest to assign theoretical meaning to Kate Bush’s records. I was more curious to delve further into Withers’ source materials than into the book itself. I might still recommend it to fans of Kate Bush and those who are into high theory.”

'Adventures In Kate Bush And Theory' - book cover
‘Adventures In Kate Bush And Theory’ – book cover