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On 21 April 1979, the BBC broadcast the Abba Easter Special, featuring many songs by the Swedish group. Kate Bush was a special guest on this special, performing her song Wow. The programme was produced by Michael Hurll.

This Easter Special was released in edited form (excluding the guest stars, the song ‘Eagle’ and spoken introductions) on a DVD disc included with the Deluxe Edition of Abba’s album ‘Voulez Vous’ on 31 May 2010.

Track listing

  1. Jump Shout Boogie (Geoff Richer’s First Edition)
  2. Take A Chance On Me (Abba)
  3. The King Has Lost His Crown (Abba)
  4. Dance Away (Roxy Music)
  5. The Name Of The Game (Abba)
  6. Eagle (Abba, with footage of balloon racer and actor David Niven)
  7. Mamma Mia (Abba)
  8. Take Me Back To Hollywood (Ted Gardestad)
  9. Money Money Money (Abba)
  10. Hole In Your Soul (Abba)
  11. Kisses of Fire (Abba)
  12. Lovers (Live A Little Longer) (Abba)
  13. Wow (Kate Bush)
  14. Chiquitita (Abba)
  15. Does Your Mother Know (Abba)
  16. Thank You For The Music (Abba)