You Want Alchemy

Song written by Kate Bush. It was written and recorded after the completion of The Red Shoes and The Line, The Cross and the Curve. She sings about meeting a beekeeper, who launches into his awe, his reverence, his love for bees, which she first responds to with 'Is he some kind of nut, or what?' She doesn't get it, this fascination with bees. She seems to take a tender step into this man's private world, to open herself and feel and respect this lonely man's joys. She approaches with sympathy, and for a brief moment, she can share his vision, and see the alchemy. The music includes quotations of Debussy's 'Clair de lune' from his 'Suite bergamasque'.


The song appears as an extra track on the European and Australian CD-singles for Eat the music.

He said, "I don't meet many people...
I'm very busy with the hives"