Strange Phenomena

Kate performing 'Strange Phenomena' live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1979

Kate performing 'Strange Phenomena' live at Hammersmith Odeon, 1979

Song written by Kate Bush. Originally released on Kate's debut album The Kick Inside.


'Strange Phenomena' was released as a single (in Brazil only) on a 4 track EP called '4 Succesos' in June 1979, also featuring the songs Wow, Symphony In Blue and Hammer Horror.


There are two officially released versions of 'L'amour Looks Something Like You': the studio album and the live version from Hammersmith Odeon. However, a demo version from 1977 has also surfaced and was released on various bootleg cd's.

Cover versions

'Strange Phenomena' was covered by Kathleen Baird / Eric Carbonara / Jesse Sparhawk.

Kate about 'Strange Phenomena'

['Strange Phenomena' is] all about the coincidences that happen to all of us all of the time. Like maybe you're listening to the radio and a certain thing will come up, you go outside and it will happen again. It's just how similar things seem to attract together, like the saying ``birds of a feather flock together'' and how these things do happen to us all the time. Just strange coincidences that we're only occasionally aware of. And maybe you'll think how strange that is, but it happens all the time. (Self Portrait, 1978)

"Strange Phenomena'' is about how coincidences cluster together. We can all recall instances when we have been thinking about a particular person and then have met a mutual friend who - totally unprompted - will begin talking about that person. That's a very basic way of explaining what I mean, but these ``clusters of coincidence'' occur all the time. We are surrounded by strange phenomena, but very few people are aware of it. Most take it as being part of everyday life. (Music Talk, 1978)


Drums: Stuart Elliott
Bass: David Paton
Guitars: Ian Bairnson
Electric piano: Andrew Powell
Synthesizer: Duncan Mackay
Percussion: Morris Pert

We raise our hats to the strange phenomena
Soul-birds of a feather flock together