Seer (the)

'The Seer' album cover

'The Seer' album cover

Song written by Stuart Adamson and recorded by his band Big Country on their album 'The Seer', which was released by Mercury Records on 23 June 1986. The track features Kate Bush on backing vocals. According to Stuart: "The Central character of the song "The Seer" is a woman, so I thought it would be good to get a woman's vocal point of view. I have a lot of Kate Bush albums, and I like her voice. She varies it so much. There's a lot of variety and texture in the way she sings, and she's always coming up with something different. She's a perfectionist; she won't give up until she's absolutely satisfied with what she's done. She has a lot of dedication."

In another interview with the band at the time of the album's release, they added: "We'd done the song and one of our mates, a guy called Davy Duncan who used to play and sing in a band called The Shaking Pyramids, put down Barrad which is a sort of ethnic Scottish-Irish type hand-held drums - and it gave it a sort of folky feel, along with the mandolins and the sitars. We thought 'this song needs girl vocals on it' and Stuart immediately thought 'why don't we get Kate Bush?' We said there's only one way to do it and that's phone her management. They said that Kate would do it but she'd like to hear a cassette of the song first. So we sent a cassette there and she liked the song and she worked out her parts for the song, orchestrating them really well. Then she came to the studio and did them, it took her about twelve hours to do and it was just great, it was fantastic. I think the woman is just a complete genius. She was very shy. I think we were quite awestruck as well when she walked in. Tony was like 'Oh, hello Kate, would you like a cup of coffee, would you like a glass of orange juice?', running about saying things like that. I think we were quite shy, she was quite shy as well. But she was good fun, she's got a good sense of humour as well. She's got a very 'Comic Strip' type of sense of humour which we immediately identified with and after that it was a great time."

Critical reception

Upon the album's release, Melody Maker specifically pointed out 'Kate Bush's athletic warbling'.

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