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Saxophone Song

Kate performing 'Saxophone Song' live in Sweden, 1979

Song written by Kate Bush, released on her debut album The Kick Inside. Originally the song was recorded as a demo produced by David Gilmour in June 1975.


'Saxophone Song' was not released as a single. However, a playable postcard featuring the song was released in Poland.


Kate performed 'Saxophone Song' during the Tour of Life live shows in 1979.

Kate about 'Saxophone Song'

I wrote 'The Saxophone Song' because, for me, the saxophone is a truly amazing instrument. Its sound is very exciting - rich and mellow. It sounds like a female. (Dreaming: The Kick Inside, 1978)

The song isn't about David Bowie. I wrote it about the instrument, not the player, at a time when I really loved the sound of the saxophone - I still do. No, I don't know him personally, though I went to his "Farewell to Ziggy Stardust" concert and cried, and so did he. (Kate Bush Club newsletter, November 1979)


Drums: Barry de Souza
Bass: Bruce Lynch
Guitars: Paul Keogh, Alan Parker
Keyboards: Andrew Powell
Saxophone: Alan Skidmore
Electric guitar: Paul Keogh


The candle burning over your shoulder is throwing
Shadows on your saxophone, a surly lady in tremor