Still from the music video of 'Lily'

Still from the music video of 'Lily'

Song written by Kate Bush. Originally released on her seventh album The Red Shoes. The song is devoted to Lily Cornford, a noted spiritual healer in London with whom Bush became close friends in the 1990s. “She was one of those very rare people who are intelligent, intuitive and kind,” Kate has said of Cornford, who believed in mental colour healing—a process whereby patients would be restored to health by seeing various hues. “I was really moved by Lily and impressed with her strength and knowledge, so it led to a song - which she thought was hilarious.”


There are two versions of 'Lily': the album version from 1993, and the version from Bush's album Director's Cut in 2011. A live version appears on the album Before The Dawn.

Music video

A music video for 'Lily' exists, as part of the movie The Line, The Cross and The Curve.


The song was performed live as the first song during Kate's Before The Dawn shows in London, 2014.

Credits (1993)

Drums: Stuart Elliott
Bass: John Giblin
Guitars: Danny McIntosh
Fujare, Singing bowls: Paddy Bush
Keyboards: Kate
Narration: Lily

Credits (2011)

Drums: Steve Gadd
Bass: John Giblin
Guitars: Dan McIntosh
Keyboards: Kate
Backing vocals: Mica Paris, Kate
Fujare: Paddy Bush
'The Gayatri' narrated by: Lily Cornford


"Child, you must protect yourself
I show you how with fire"