L´amour Looks Something Like You

Song wrtten by Kate Bush in 1977, released on Kate's debut album The Kick Inside.

A "goose moon" or "goose month", mentioned in the song lyric, is a Native American term for the month (late March to late April) when the Canada goose returns from the south. Alternatively, the term refers to the full moon which appears during that period.


There are two officially released versions of 'L'amour Looks Something Like You': the studio album and the live version on the On Stage EP. However, a demo version from 1977 has also surfaced and was released on various bootleg cd's.

Cover versions

'L'amour Looks Something Like You' was covered by the Aluminium Group and Shelley Doty.

Credits (studio version)

Drums: Stuart Elliott
Bass: David Paton
Guitars: Ian Bairnson
Organ: Duncan Mackay

Credits (live version)

Drums: Preston Heyman
Bass: Del Palmer
Guitar: Brian Bath
Keyboards: Kevin McAlea
Synthesizer: Ben Barson
Electric guitar: Al Murphy
Backing vocals: Liz Pearson and Glenys Groves


All the time I find I'm living in that evening
with that feeling of sticky love inside