Lake Tahoe

Still from the music video of 'Lake Tahoe'

Still from the music video of 'Lake Tahoe'

Lake Tahoe' picture disc 10"

Lake Tahoe' picture disc 10"

Song written by Kate Bush. Originally released on her tenth studio album 50 Words For Snow in 2011.


Although not originally released as a single, a picture disc 10" single was made exclusively for Record Store Day in 2012 in a limited edition of just 2000 copies. On the B-side the track Among Angels was included.

Music video

Kate wrote and directed a short animated video to accompany Lake Tahoe, entitled 'Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe'. It features five minutes from the 11 minute track, and contains elegant shadow-puppetry.

Kate about 'Lake Tahoe'

It was because a friend told me about the story that goes with Lake Tahoe so it had to be set there. Apparently people occasionally see a woman who fell into the lake in the Victorian era who rises up and then disappears again. It is an incredibly cold lake so the idea, as I understand it, is that she fell in and is still kind of preserved. Do you know what I mean? (John Doran, 'A Demon In The Drift: Kate Bush Interviewed'. The Quietus, 2011)


Featured vocals: Stefan Roberts, Michael Wood
Drums: Steve Gadd
Piano: Kate
With special thanks to James

Just like a poor, porcelain doll...
Here eyes are open but no-one's home