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'Fullhouse' as mentioned on the label of the B-side of the UK 7" single 'Wow'

Song written by Kate Bush in 1978. One of three new songs - along with Coffee Homeground and Symphony In Blue - written for the album Lionheart. The lyric seems to be autobiographical, an insight into psychological struggles she was encountering, with paranoia and self-doubt. The song was also released as the B-side of the single Wow.


Kate performed 'Full House' during the Tour of Life live shows in 1979.


Drums: Stuart Elliott
Bass: David Paton
Electric guitar: Ian Bairnson
Piano: Kate Bush
Hamond: Francis Monkman

  • Graeme Thomson, Under The Ivy: The Life & Music Of Kate Bush, cop. 2012. ISBN 9781780381466

Surely by now I should know
I can control my highs and my lows