Coffee Homeground

Song written by Kate Bush while in the USA in May 1978. It was one of only three songs newly written for the album Lionheart - along with Full House and Symphony In Blue.

Cover versions

'Coffee Homeground' was covered by Kat Devlin and Mouse.

Kate about 'Coffee Homeground'

['Coffee Homeground'] was in fact inspired directly from a cab driver that I met who was in fact a bit nutty. And it's just a song about someone who thinks they're being poisoned by another person, they think that there's Belladonna in their tea and that whenever they offer them something to eat, it's got poisen in it. And it's just a humorous aspect of paranoia really and we sort of done it in a Brechtian style, the old sort of German [vibe] to try and bring across the humour side of it. (Lionheart Promo Cassette, EMI Canada, 1978


Drums and percussion: Stuart Elliott
Rhythm guitar: Ian Bairnson
Bass: David Paton
Synthesizer: Duncan Mackay
Piano: Kate Bush

Keep your recipes for the rats to eat,
and may they rest in peace with coffee homeground