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Christmas Snowtime Special

Still from Kate's performance of 'December Will Be Magic Again' on the Christmas Snowtime Special

On December 22, 1979, the BBC broadcast the Christmas Snowtime Special, which was probably a compilation (for export) of four TV specials made earlier in the year, including the Abba Easter Special and a programme called Disco in the Snow, featuring Boney M and guests.

Kate Bush appeared in this special with a hastily recorded version of December Will Be Magic Again, in a version that has become known as the 'Bongo Version'. Originally she had filmed a version of Wuthering Heights standing barefoot in the snow on the Swiss Alps, but this footage was never used.

The programme consists of the following songs:-

  1. Chiquitita (Abba)
  2. Mary's Boy Child (Boney M)
  3. When I Need You (Leo Sayer)
  4. Destiny (The Jacksons)
  5. It's A Heartache (Bonnie Tyler)
  6. December Will Be Magic Again (Kate Bush)
  7. I Wonder (Departure) (Wolfgang Danne and Jillian Denise Biellmann skating to this Abba song)