Burning Bridge

Song written by Kate Bush. Originally released as the B-side of the single Cloudbusting in 1985. According to Kate, it's just a positive and trivial song, with superficial lyrics.

The track was first released on CD as part of the This Woman's Work Anthology 1978-1990 box set. It was also included in the 1997 'EMI Centenary' re-release of Hounds Of Love.

Kate about 'Burning Bridge'

Again it was a song that was totally created for a b-side, and I knew that it was going on the other side of 'Cloudbusting'. 'Cloudbusting' is not necessarily an up-tempo song and I feel that flips of records should be something that counterbalances the energy of the other side. So, I wanted something that was relatively up-tempo, and just a fun song. I don't think the lyrics are by any means profound, but it was something that I felt was fun to do and was a very different energy from the a-side of the record. (Doug Alan interview, 20 November 1985)

I need to know what you have to say to me
What have you got to say to me?