Song written by Kate Bush. Originally released on her eighth studio album Aerial in 2005.

Cover versions

'Bertie' was covered by Foam Amulet.

Kate about 'Bertie'

He's such a big part of my life so, you know, he's a very big part of my work. It's such a great thing, being able to spend as much time with him as I can. And, you know, he won't be young for very long. And already he's starting to grow up and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on that, that I spent as much time with his as I could.
So, the idea was that he would come first, and then the record would come next, which is also one reasons why it's taken a long time (laughs). It always takes me a long time anyway, but trying to fit that in around the edges that were left over from the time that I wanted to spend with him.
It's a wonderful thing, having such a lovely son. Really, you know with a song like that, you could never be special enough from my point of view, and I wanted to try and give it an arrangement that wasn't terribly obvious, so I went for the sort of early music... (Ken Bruce show, BBC Radio 2, 3 November 2005)


Viols: Richard Campbell, Susan Pell
Renaissance Guitar: Eligio Quinteiro
Percussion: Robin Jeffrey
Keyboards: Kate
String Arrangement: Bill Dunne

Here comes everything
Here's a song and a song for him