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Be Kind To My Mistakes

'Be Kind To My Mistakes' - German promotional 7" single sleeve

Song written by Kate Bush, originally written for the soundtrack of the movie 'Castaway' (1987) and released on the soundtrack album. The line "Be kind to my mistakes" is spoken by Oliver Reed's character at the end of the film, as he anticipates the future publication of Irving's memoirs about the year she had just completed alone with him on a desert island.


'Be Kind To My Mistakes' was originally released on the soundtrack album 'Castaway' (1987). A promotional 7" single, featuring Kate's track plus 'Chemistry' by Brian Eno, was released in Germany only. Two years later, a remix of the track appeared on the B-side of the single This Woman's Work and on the American mini album Aspects Of The Sensual World.


There are three versions of 'Be Kind To My Mistakes': the original version, released on the soundtrack of 'Castaway' (1987), a version of that one which was released on a promotional 7" single, and a remix version, released on the B-side of the single This Woman's Work in 1989. The original version of 'Be Kind To My Mistakes' has a longer intro than the 1989 remix and also has a slightly different ending, with more echo on percussion. The version on the promotional 7" single fades out, where the album version on the soundtrack crossfades into track 2 of the album.


In your life, in my life,
There are secrets too dark to let out