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Another Day

Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush performing 'Another Day' during the Christmas Special in 1979

Song written by Roy Harper and released on his album 'Flat Baroque And Berserk' (1970). It is a short song, a story of an old affair recollected in the home of an ex-lover. It is a song full of regrets on both sides seen through their memories, about things that should have been said but were not. Desires, including for children, that never came to pass. For a brief moment it seems old passion is being rekindled, but instead the story unravels before the listener's ears.

The song was covered by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, performed during the Christmas Special in 1979. For a while, a single release was considered, but this idea was abandoned in 1980.


Oh really my dear I can't see what we fear
Sat here with ourselves in between us