All We Ever Look For

Song written by Kate Bush. The Fairlight is used on this track to great effect, with many sound samples being played back. At one point, a group of Hare Krishna followers is singing the 'Maha Mantra', with Kate using a tiny part of a line from this mantra: "(Hare) Krishna, Hare Krishna, (Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare)", presumably to represent the chorus immediately following the sound clips: "a God", followed by birdsong ("A Drug") and then finally applause ("A Hug"). The song was released on the album Never For Ever.

Kate about 'All We Ever Look For'

One of my new songs, 'All We Ever Look For', it's not about me. It's about family relationships generally. Our parents got beaten physically. We get beaten psychologically. The last line - "All we ever look for - but we never did score".' Well, that's the way it is - you do get faced sometimes with futile situations. But the answer's not to kill yourself. You have to accept it, you have to cope with it. (Derek Jewell, 'How To Write Songs And Influence People'. Sunday Times (UK), 5 October 1980)


Koto: Paddy Bush
Acoustic guitar: Alan Murphy, Brian Bath
Yamaha CS80: Kate Bush
Timpani: Morris Pert
Fairlight: Duncan Mackay
Backing vocals: Preston Heyman, Paddy Bush, Andrew Bryant, Gary Hurst

The whims that we're weeping for
our parents would be beaten for